Labour Market Information can inform you about which occupational sectors are important in and around where you live.

Accessing Sector Profiles 

To find out more about what is happening in the Humber area the following resources are available click here

Working with the Data Observatories in the Humber LMI Humber has produced twelve Quick Sector Profiles that can be used by a range of people including employers, educators, parents and young people to provide access to:

  • an overview of each sector
  • an understanding of what skills and qualifications are needed
  • information that can help in making decisions about future learning choices and career opportunities

The Quick Sector Profiles represent a general overview of each Sector and are current at time of development.

The documents can be viewed online and contain hot-links to employer websites and National Career Service information and guidance. Alternatively the documents can be printed and used as reference guides, posters in schools and colleges or by careers professionals to support Information, Advice and Guidance conversations.

Other local careers resource links

Also check out the Careers Yorkshire and Humber website – click here and the National Careers Service website which provides fact sheets and a job and area search facility by typing in key words.

To see further resouces:

STEM videos promoting STEM careers in the Humber area have now been uploaded to the Humber LEP YouTube channel and can be accessed through the following links:

The promo video link is:

The Tata Steel case study link is:

The Centrica case study link is:

The Bradbury case study link is:

The Phillips 66 case study link is:

Sector Skills Councils

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) are employer-led organisations that cover specific industries in the United Kingdom. They have four key goals: to support employers in developing and managing apprenticeship standards. to reduce skills gaps and shortages and improve productivity.

More infromaiotn and links to the sector skills councils can be cound here