Construction is the process of creating and building infrastructure such as roads, bridges and railways or a facility such as a home, hospital or school. Construction starts with planning, design, and financing and continues until the project is built and ready for use. Normally, the job is managed by a project manager, and supervised by a construction manager, design engineer, construction engineer or project architect. Craft trades people such as bricklayers and joiners are essential to the construction sector.

There are over 16,000 employed in this sector in the Humber accounting for 6.7% of employment

Did you know?

  • Over 20,000 people work in construction in the Humber
  • Only 11 % of the workforce is female; they are mainly employed in professional and managerial roles
  • Over 80% of Construction companies in the Humber employ less than 10 people
  • In 2016 37% of construction companies in the Humber were registered self employed
  • More than 2 million people work in Construction in the UK

Will there be opportunities available?

  • By 2021 the Yorkshire & Humber region will need at least 1800 new skilled workers in construction with the total number employed to rise to above 200,000
  • 120,000 new apprentices will be needed nationally in the next 2 years
  • Despite the decline faced by the construction industry in the past few years predictions for the industry are good and output is expected to increase by 2.4% over the next 5 years locally
  • 190,000 of the workforce nationally is set to retire in the next 5 years
  • Employer skills survey showed that 1 in 3 employers are struggling to fill vacancies
  • Electricians, Plumber and Heating & Ventilation engineers are in demand
  • The fastest growing occupations are forecast to be in Project Management, Technical Staff, Labourers, Plan Operatives, Bricklayers, Floorers and Specialist Building Operatives
  • Employment trends for the Humber show that this is an increasing sector for employment

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