Health care is about the treatment and support of medical conditions in hospital, health centres and in the community. It includes Dentists and Opticians.  Social care is about the care and support of people within the community.

There are over 54,000 employed in this sector in the Humber accounting for 15.7% of employment

Did you know?

  • Nearly all Health & Social Care organisations offer apprenticeships
  • Around 20% of the workforce in the Humber is aged 55 or over
  • 18% of Adult Health & Social Care workers in the Humber are male and 82% female more males are needed in the sector
  • Due to an aging population Health & Social Care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK
  • In Yorkshire & the Humber only 12% of workers are under 25 years old

Will there be opportunities available?

  • The number of Health & Social Care jobs is predicated to grow to around 2.6million by 2025 nationally
  • The NHS remains the biggest employer in the UK despite cuts in government spending and this is not expected to change
  • We have an aging workforce and a large number of new employees will be required for the sector to meet demand
  • Employment trends for the Humber show that this is an increasing sector for employment

Useful sector specific sites

Skills for Health

Skills for Care and Development

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LMI Humber YouTube Sector Video available here



Download full PDF sector profile here