Process & Manufacturing

There are 54,200 employed in this sector inthe Humber.

Process and Manufacturing is about making products, for example chemicals, food, metals and furniture. In manufacturing you are likely to be working with equipment and technology.

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More information on the Process and Manufacturing sector can also be found on the National Guidance for Research Forum at Warwick University.

Information areas include:

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The following links give examples of some of the larger companies operating in the area:

Did You Know?

  •  Manufacturing is about making the product
  • The industry has an aging workforce but in recent years has been actively recruiting younger staff.
  • Its important to get good GCSEs in Maths, English and Science.
  • Manufacturing uses computers and new technologies to design and build new products
  • 21% of employees in the process and manufacturing sector are process, plant and machine operatives and 24% are in skilled trades.
  • The Humber is the UKs food processing “capital”


Level Pathways Job Examples Salary Guide
Level 6
Involves the achievement of high level of professional knowledge and is appropriate for people working as knowledge based professionals or in professional management positions
National Diploma in Professional Production Skills Honours Degrees Graduate Certificates Production DirectorOperations ManagerConsumer Scientist  £25,000 + p/a
Level 5
Appropriate for people working as higher grade technicians, professionals or managers
NVQ level 5
Foundation Degree
BTEC Higher Nationals
Factory ManagerTechnical BrewerProduction Planner

Health & Safety Manager

 £25,000 + p/a
Level 4
Appropriate for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others
Certificate of Higher Education
NVQ Level 4
BTEC Higher Nationals
Quality Control InspectorHealth & Safety AdviserLine Supervisor

Shift Manager


 £18,000 + p/a
Level 3
Involves obtaining detailed knowledge and skills. It is appropriate for people wishing to go to university, working on their own or in some areas, supervising and training others in their field of work
AS/A Level GCE
Applied AS/A Level GCE
NVQ Level 3
Advanced Apprenticeships
Advanced Certificate
International Baccalaureate
BTEC Nationals
Cambridge Technical’s (16yrs +)
Window FabricatorTrainee Mobile Plant OperativeShift Manager

Trainee Engineer

 £16,000 + p/a
Level 2
Involves building knowledge and/or skills in relation to an area of work or subject area appropriate for many jobs roles
GCSE Grades A* – C
NVQ level 2
Level 2 Certificates
Skills for Life at level 2
Functional Skills at level 2
BTEC Firsts
Cambridge Nationals
Machine OperativeGlass ProcessorBrewery WorkerFood Processing Worker  £14,000 + p/a
Level 1
Involves activities which mostly relate to everyday situations and may be linked to job competence
GCSE Grades D-G
NVQ level 1
Cambridge Nationals
Skills for Life
Functional Skills at level 1
Foundation Learning pathways at level 1
LabourerPackaging and Dispatch OperativeMachine Operative  £12,000 + p/a
Entry Level
Involves building basic knowledge and skills and is not geared towards specific occupations
Entry level certificates
Skills for working life
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Skills for Life
Functional Skills at entry level (English, maths and ICT)
Foundation Learning at entry level
LabourerPackaging and Dispatch OperativeMachine Operative  £12,000 + p/a