Business & Retail

Business services are about the administration and other activates for making the exchange of products and services possible. Retail is the sale of goods in shops and online.

Business and Retail group

There are over

Employed in this sector in the Humber

This accounts for over


Of employment in the region

Did You Know?

The Gross Value Added (GVA) of this sector is expected to grow 


In the Humber Sub Region over

of retailers employ fewer than 10 people

more jobs in the coming years

A third of retail staff are aged under 25 years

Automation is increasing on this sector due to technological advances; therefore there will be fewer lower and unskilled jobs in the future

Employers are looking for people with good communication and IT skills

With careers as diverse as Visual Merchandiser, Retail Buyer and Bank Manager, to Stock Broker, Recruitment Consultant and HR Officer, the Business and Retail Sector opens many doors!

Will there be opportunities available?

It is predicted there will be

more jobs in this sector over the coming 

jobs nationally will be needed to be filled as a result of people leaving the sector (replacement jobs) in the coming years
Finance and business services have an ageing workforce and employers are keen to encourage young people into the industry

There is an increase in demand for higher level skills (level 4 and 5) to fill management and professional roles

Employment trends for the Humber show that this is an increasing sector for employment


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