Creative & Digital

Creative and digital industries and about the creation and development of products and ideas. They include industries such as computer games design, animation, social media, film and TV, graphic design and advertising, music performing arts, libraries and visual arts.


There are over

Employed in this sector in the Humber

This accounts for over


Of employment in the region

Did You Know?

There are 40 computer games developers and publishers in Yorkshire and the Humber

There has been an increase of

New business start ups in the area in the digital sector over the past 5 years


Of all workers in the industry start out working for free as competition is strong

Hull provides the greatest amount of Creative Digital Industry employment across the Humber

Jobs in this sector are not always advertised. Employers may use social media such as LinkedIn or Facebook and employers work with specialist recruitment agencies to support them in talent acquisition 

Skills required in the future are IT and digital skills, creative design skills, and business skills for growth and expansion into new global markets.  There is also accelerating demand from entirely new specialist roles relating to emerging technologies, such as, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain Specialists