Public Sector

Public sector organisations provide a service for everyone: for example education (schools) and security and safety (police and armed forces). These services are paid for via taxation.

(Please note NHS and other health care services are covered with the Health & Social Care sector factsheet).

Public sector workers

There are over

Employed in this sector in the Humber

This accounts for over


Of employment in the region

Did You Know?

There are over

Different careers to choose from in the RAF

There are over

Different careers to choose from in the Army

There are over

Different careers to choose from in the Navy

Employment in the public sector, which encompasses public administration, defence and health, is higher in the Humber than the Yorkshire & Humber wider region, and England as a whole.
There are a variety of different career opportunities within Local Authorities ranging from solicitors, accountants, marketing/media roles and IT to conservation
Part of the recruitment process for the armed forces, police and fire services involves assessing physical fitness, literacy, numeracy and communication skills
In Hull & East Riding the largest employers are East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Hull City Council
The fire service has changed radically in the last 10 years. Today, the job’s as much about promoting community safety as it is about putting out fires.

Will there be opportunities available?

A new prison expected to be built in East Yorkshire could create over 

new public sector jobs in addition to the construction and manufacturing jobs required to build the facility
The government’s push to reform the public sector means jobs and industry within the sector are in an uncertain position. Predictions are that further job cuts will be made. However, opportunities will be available with the natural turnover of staff and an ageing workforce.

Employment trends for the Humber show that this is a declining sector for employment Local Authorities are reporting they are struggling to recruit to a variety of roles including; Social Workers, Care Workers , Engineers, Construction professionals at all levels, Drivers and Lifeguards 



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